How do I delete my cookies and clear my cache?

Cookies are tiny files that are stored inside your computer, tablet or mobile phone and keep track of all your personal preferences. These files may enhance your browsing experience by saving your favourite settings for instance. Some cookies however compromise your privacy and keep track of any websites you’ve visited recently.

At times, website functionality may also be compromised by cookies so it is advisable to clear these out on a regular basis. Here’s a handy guide how to get this done.

Google Chrome

° Launch Google Chrome
° Click CTRL + H
° Select the relevant data to be deleted

Mozzilla Firefox

° Click the menu button in the upper right corner, select History and click Clear
° Set the length of time you’d like to access
° Click on the small arrow icon next to Details and expand your list in chronological order
° Tick the cookies you’d like to remove and press delete

Internet Explorer 8

° Access the Security and Browsing History button
° Tick the cookies you’d like to remove
° Select delete


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