Discontinuation of Business Operations


We would like to inform you that the management of Quasar Limited has regrettably decided to cease its business operations with effect from November 29th, 2018. Following this date, if you still have a pending balance in your account, you will be able to log in and request a withdrawal of said balance for a limited period. We, therefore, urge you to request such a pay-out at your earliest convenience.


Administrative fee for withdrawals

In line with Clause 83 of the company’s Terms and Conditions, an administrative fee of up to five Euro (EUR 5) shall apply for the purposes of processing your pay-out request, regardless of whether this shall be approved by the company or otherwise and shall automatically be deducted from your pending balance (if any) upon receipt of a payout request. In line with this, the minimum pay-out amount shall be lowered from 10 Euro to 5 Euro with effect from November 29th, 2018.

Upon approving your request, the company shall proceed to a pay-out of your pending balance within five (5) working days from said approval date.  Please note that the company further reserves the right to refuse a request for a pay-out if insufficient or unsatisfactory information and/or documentation is provided, or the company finds that, for whatever reason, you are not eligible to receive a pay-out.


Dormancy Fee

We further urge you to read through the section relating to Inactive Accounts in our Terms and Conditions. You are reminded that should your account be deemed to be inactive for the respective period indicated therein, a maintenance fee of five Euro (EUR 5) per month shall be charged until such time that you shall request a pay-out, and this is successfully approved, or until your pending balance is exhausted, whichever is the earlier. Please treat this as a final notification regarding these provisions and be aware that the maintenance fee shall be automatically deducted from your pending balance on a monthly basis and no further notifications of such deduction shall be made. We, therefore, urge you to request a payout of your pending balance at your earliest.

If your balance is 0 €, you will not get any fee deducted.


What happens when I am not able to log in anymore?

Please be aware that your account will eventually no longer be accessible to you and thus should you still have any pending balance therein at this point in time you shall be required to contact our customer support on support@ovocasino.com via the email address that you used to register your account with  us, to be able to pay-out any such balance.


Bonus money and loyalty points

For the moment, you will be able to log in only to request a withdrawal of any pending balance you may have on your account. However, you are excluded from deposits and gameplay. Any bonus credit and/or accumulated loyalty points expire hereby.


Why was I not informed about the closure?

All customers were informed by email on the November 22nd. We sincerely apologize, if you have not received this e-mail. Since this was an automated notification, it is possible that the e-mail has landed in your spam folder or been caught by a filtering tool from your e-mail provider.

You may want to check your spam and filter settings, possibly you are able to access the messages that were blocked or quarantined.



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